Business, Sports & Social Clubs

At the office

Give your boardroom table new life, or perhaps finish your exterior wood in a way which tells your clients a little about the quality of your business.

We are able to offer finishes in matt, satin or high gloss – perhaps your window frames would benefit from a little care?

Pubs and restaurants

Add new sheen to your bar or table tops, bannisters, window frames or flooring. Heat & spirit resistant lacquers available. Treatment is available for wood or furniture that is contaminated, smoke or water damaged.

Golf Clubs

Brighten up the bar & dining areas of your Golf Club with a full colour change of polish or paint finishes. Remove damaged areas of wooden furniture in the Gents or Ladies locker rooms.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, please get in touch for a non obligation quotation. Email: or call 01932 845224.